Damla KELLECİOĞLU / Editor & Translator

She was born in Istanbul. After attending Istanbul-Saint-Joseph French High School, she studied at Galatasaray University, IEP Lyon and Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales. She made her first professional translation in 2002. She lived in France and in Algeria for a while. Today, she continues her PhD on children's literature and works on translation by traveling frequently between Tours and Bodrum.

Rauf Ateş ERTÜRK / Translator

Born in Istanbul in 1981, he studied at Istanbul-Saint-Joseph French High School, then at Yildiz Technical University and at Galatasaray University. When he was fed up with corporate services, he’d found happiness by being into foreign languages. He likes to spend his spare time with his nephews and by translating children’s books in between his foreign trade and market survey bussines.

Başak SÖZER / Writer &Translator

Born in Istanbul in 1983, she spent her childhood at the Istanbul State Opera and Ballet children`s choir, which she loved. She prefers to express herself by writing since she learned to write and to be on the shore or in the water since her feet first touched the sea. During her early youth, she worked as a swimming instructor for children and then decided to put the sea in the leading role of her life. After completing her bachelor's degrees at Istanbul University Faculty of Aquatic Sciences and Faculty of Science-Biology Department, she completed her PhD in the Department of Marine and Inland Water Biology at the Institute of Science. During her professional career, which started in 2007 at the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, she worked as a marine microbiologist in domestic and international projects until 2014, when she bought a microscope and moved to Bodrum. She serves projects from her home office now, also works as a content writer&translator. She continues her inner journey which began with the birth of her son and to write for her ideal dream world..

Pelin TURGUT / Illustrator

She was born in Söke in 1986 and grew up in Bodrum. She completed her bachelor's degree at Yeditepe University Faculty of Fine Arts - Graphic Design Department. She loves reading children`s books and has been illustrating many since 2018. When she grows up, she wants to be a children`s book herself. In order to realize this dream, she continues to work in her studio in Bodrum.

Ekin ANIL / Illustrator

She was born in Izmir in 1981 and grew up in Bodrum. After graduating from the Department of Advertising in Istanbul she completed her master`s degree in Art Management. She worked as a brain worker and manager in several advertising agencies. Together with Genco Gülan and Mustafa Seven, she managed art and book projects. Since 2016 she has been trying to reach the masses by bringing the idea of art and design into more homes with her own drawings. She arranges workshops where she teaches the single line drawing technique. She also runs a project called “Huge Dots”, which symbolizes the notion of common hope. The booklet for the album of a famous Turkish singer called Sila, was illustrated and designed by her. She still continues her independent work in Istanbul while collaborating with several brands.

Aylin TARAŞLI / Translator

Born in 1984 in Mainz/Germany, where she spent her first years before she moved to Turkey with her family at the age of 11. When she was 18 years old, she moved back to Mainz and studied American Language and Literature, Pedagogics and Turkology at the Johannes Gutenberg University. Professionally she stayed in the pedagogical field working with children and adolescents. Since her early childhood, her main drive in life is creativity and art which she spends most of her free time with. Amigurumi, drawing and molding are just some of her passions.

Albert ARRAYAS / Writer & Illustrator

Born in Barcelona in 1990, after he completed his bachelor's degree at the University of Barcelona – Faculty of Fine Arts, he did a course at Escola de la Dona. He has 25 children's books published. Some of them were published in Spain, Portugal, Germany, China, South Korea and Brazil. He is still working as a professional illustrator. He regularly collaborates with magazines and publishers all over Spain. His work reflects a delicacy, beauty and above all a dream world, accompanied by great details and textures.

Marlet (Mar Gonzalez DURAN) / Writer 

She was born in Barcelona in 1978. Ever since her early childhood she had played with words, looked for animals above the clouds, and read until the first lights of daybreak. Her life has always been associated with letters, starting with advertisement content writing for the advertising agency she founded. Now she`s writing stories for the little ones. She believes in people, effort, the influence of drawings and their power to change the world. Beyond that, she is a strong believer of how books can make the world a better place. 

Sabine DULLY / Illustrator

She was born in Pfalz. After she graduated from Trier University of Applied Sciences, she worked as a freelance writer for several agencies and her own short films. Since 2007, she’s been working at a design agency as an art manager and runs projects for German’s Kid TV. She’s living in Köln with her husband. She met Eva Dax who is also into odd stories and interesting characters and has great skills in writing. They established their own childrensbook’s team called Dully&Dax in 2014.

Eva DAX / Writer

She grew up in Münsterland, and studied literature in Essen. She worked as freelance journalist at numerous media organs. She met with Sabine Dully who is also into odd stories and interesting characters and has great illustrating skills. They established their own childrensbook’s team called Dully&Dax in 2014.. 

Antje DAMM / Writer & Illustrator

She was born in Wiesbaden in 1965. She studied architecture in Darmstadt and in Florence. She latched onto picturebooks thanks to her daugthers and wrote&illustrated numbers of picturebooks. She lives in Giessen with her husband and four daughters.

Trinidad Olarte Muñoz / Illustrator

She was born in Colombia, lives in Mexico. To draw for the children, teen and young adult readers is her passion, she’s been doing it for years. She is in love with colours, textures. She believes the power of illustration.